For a long time, people have associated waxing with a lot of discomfort: pain, cuts, bumps, etc. However, at Zoya Beauty Clinic we are firm believers that this procedure no longer needs to be a bother. We would like to welcome beautiful and sleek skin with the finest waxing services you will find. Thanks to our proven methods and procedures, you can now take advantage of body and face waxing treatments that grant the confidence you deserve.

Zoya Beauty Clinic provides two efficient waxing services that all our clients can take advantage of:

  • Hot wax – we recommend this type of waxing treatment for very short hairs. As you well know, short hairs often give you the most trouble.
    The method we use is the best way to address short hairs, including intimate hair removal. We utilise proven types of wax that make the service easy and efficient.Lycon Logo
  • Strip wax – for those looking for a more thorough way to remove wax, we present the strip wax. We utilise a kind of wax for the job that makes hair removal a piece of cake. It is a quick procedure that provides the best results in mere minutes.

Thanks to our experience and methods, we take the necessary steps to make sure there is no such issue as skin irritation directly after the procedure. With us you get nothing but the best results that you deserve.

Many of our clients share stories of their DIY-approach to waxing and we understand that it hasn’t been a stress-free experience for all. That is why we treat every client with the care and attention they deserve. We are sure that with us on your side, waxing will never cause you any discomfort whatsoever. We have what it takes to make it so.

Get yourself the confidence-boosting waxing service you need with Zoya Beauty Clinic by contacting us on 074 7911 9122.


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