Deep Cleansing

If you are looking for a special facial treatment, then the deep cleansing service we offer at Zoya Beauty Clinic is the one you should get. This service of ours goes well beyond the traditional facial services. We highly recommend it to all our clients with acne, and those that struggle with excessive oil on their face.

The thing about this service is that it not only revolves around exfoliation, though it also includes a cleansing component. Naturally, we utilise different treatments to fully clean your face. By opening the pores and extracting the accumulated dirt, we are able to fully restore the radiant look you so much long for.

But that is not all! Thanks to our deep cleansing service, we can also address blackheads and whiteheads. Deep pore cleansing is essential for the overall health of your face skin and your beautiful look. At Zoya Beauty Clinic we know that it is the combination of both the exfoliation and extraction parts of the process that make for a stunning result.

We perform the treatment with great care. Even if you have sensitive skin, we will take all steps necessary to exclude irritation from the process. We utilise superb products and technology in the process, such as the microscopic needle.

If you want to find out more about the deep cleansing facial we provide at Zoya Beauty Clinic, we will happily provide the answers on 074 7911 9122.


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