Milia Removal

Milia may be small, but they are quite annoying. These are the small white bumps that appear on your face. The problem with them is that they often group together on cheeks, chin and nose. It is clear why they appear – when skin flakes get trapped under the surface of the skin. Milia are common with newborns, and much less with grown-ups. If you have such a problem, you should not worry one bit, however, since it is perfectly treatable.

At Zoya Beauty Clinic we understand the annoying that comes from Milia and so we have developed the perfect service to aid you. Our Milia removal techniques are well-proven, as many clients have already tested them and found them highly-effective. We always advise against self-treatments, since those don’t always work, and actually have the potential to make matters worse.

At Zoya Beauty Clinic you get a professional treatment of Milia, one which will get rid of the issue once and for all. If you are eager to try it, contact us on 074 7911 9122. Book your appointment now!


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