Derma Pen

One of our highly-successful services in regards to facials is the one that utilises Dermapen and goes by the rather scary name vampire facial. If you are not familiar what this is, basically Dermapen is a small, pen-like device, which can microneedle your skin. The treatment then proceeds with utilising part of your own blood to create platelets. These are very rich in growth factors and give your face the energy that you deserve!

Now don’t worry, there are no vampires involved. The treatment itself is all about microdermabrasion and then application of platelet-rich plasma. This may sound all too complex, but it is a way to boost your skin cells by utilising your own blood.

This sounds very serious and all, but you needn’t worry one bit! We have done this treatment hundreds of times and none of our patients have had any trouble with it. The result is a glowing face that looks healthier than ever!

We would gladly explain the procedure in greater detail to you, if you wish. Just contact us on 074 7911 9122.


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