While it is true that it bears a strange name, Dermaroller treatments have been around for some time and they have become quite popular. Because of their effect on the skin and the overall great results that clients experience, dermaroller facials are among the top picks for everyone.

In essence, the therapy involves a skin needling micro-medical procedure, which utilises proven technology. The procedure’s main goal is to stimulate the skin and trigger the natural healing process. This happens by ‘faking’ damage through the needling process, thus enabling the regenerative powers. The result of the therapy is that the skin on your face will begin to repair and restore itself, in a natural and 100% safe manner.

And what is the result of all this?

Your skin will become smoother, brighter, healthier and young-looking. The boost in elastin and collagen will completely transform your skin.

What conditions can dermaroller treat?


  • Uneven areas of skin tone
  • Scars from severe cases of acne
  • Stretch marks
  • Wrinkles and lines
  • Sun damaged skin

How exactly does Dermaroller work?

The Dermaroller device may be small, but it contains many tiny needles, all of which are serum-infused. The expert will roll over the device over the problem area. What happens then is the needles penetrate gently into the skin, essentially delivering the serum. This, in turn, activates the healing processes of the skin, which will rebuild itself and strengthen up with new collagen in the area.

How soon will results be evident?

Results will hardly show up immediately after the first treatment. For the best outcome, our experts recommend a course of treatments. Results will gradually show up throughout the course. We recommend no less than 6 treatments, though that figure is not set in stone. We will monitor your condition, since results vary with every client. Our treatment coordinators will keep a close watch on your progress with the treatment and discuss how many visits you will need.

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